COVID-19 Volunteer Responder

UK Islamic Mission and AlFurqan Mosque Glasgow are helping NHS Scotland to organize volunteer groups to help and support local communities in this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic. Through this, the NHS and other services will call out for assistance and you can respond to the task in your area.

There are four types of Volunteers that are needed

1. Community Response Volunteer
This role involves collecting shopping, medication or other essential supplies for someone who is self-isolating. The volunteer would also deliver these supplies to their home.

2. Patient Transport Volunteer
This position supports the NHS by providing transport to patients who are medically fit for discharge, and ensuring they are settled safely back into their home.

3. NHS Transport Volunteer
This role involves transporting equipment, supplies and/or medication between NHS services and sites. It may also involve assisting pharmacies with medication delivery.

4. Check-in and Chat Volunteer
These volunteers will provide short-term telephone support to individuals who are at risk of loneliness as a consequence of self-isolation.

Which professionals will call on the volunteers for support?
GPs, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, midwives and NHS 111 and social care staff will all be able to request help for their at-risk patients via a call center run by the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS). This service will match people who need help with volunteers who live near to them.

If you are willing to help and support your local community in any of the ways mentioned above, please sign up by filling in the filling form.

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