A Community Hub

The local Mosque has always been the hub of the community. From the time of the Messenger (peace be upon him) it has played a pivotal role in the community. Read More


The community outreach and interfaith programs strengthen relationship between Muslims and the wider society by working with different religious groups.

Volunteer to Serve

Al-Furqan Mosque provides excellent volunteering oppertunities to use people's potential to serve the humanity in a useful way. Join Now to serve the humanity.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with Al-Furqan through it's 'media hub': Facebook, Twitter, Email, Youtube etc. Any suggestions/feedback regarding our services, please let us know.


Welcome to Al-Furqan Mosque Glasgow

The UKIM Glasgow North was established in 1974 to serve the needs of the then fledgling Muslim community of Glasgow and surrounding areas. The UKIM Glasgow North laid the foundations of its first mosque and base office in 1984 and named as AlFurqan Mosque & Islamic Centre Glasgow. AlFurqan Mosque Glasgow is the second purpose built and one of the largest mosques in Glasgow, situated in the west end part of the city.

The most inspiring value of AlFurqan is its Multi-denomination position which means it does not belong to any one particular sect or school of thought but represents all Muslims from any back- ground. It is one of the most recognised religious buildings in the city of Glasgow, and as a result, a vast number of people (Muslims and Non-Muslim) visit the mosque throughout the year. The Mosque is open to public throughout the year, and a large number of visitors from media, schools, colleges, universities and other institutions, visit the mosque, wishing to find out more about a mosque and the Islamic faith for projects and studies.



UKIM Outreach department at AlFurqan aims to convey the true message of Islam to the wider community, and empowering the Muslims to present Islam in a confident, eloquent and an accurate manner. Read More

UKIM Youth

The youth programs at AlFurqan have always been a strong tool for the Muslim youth to use in order to better the character and strengthen their bond amongst themselves. Read More


Al-Furqan Islamic School aims to educate Muslim youth about the teachings of Islam so that they can thrive in non-Islamic world and lead lives according to Islamic principles. Read More

Elderly Care

Elderly care at Al-Furqan aims to provide activities to maintain or improve health and wellbeing of elderly people along with reducing isolation by providing opportunities for cross-cultural interactions. Read More