Islamic Education @ Al-Furqan

Islamic Education @ Al-Furqan

Islamic education is uniquely different from other types of educational theory and practice largely because of the all-encompassing influence of the Quran. The Quran serves as a comprehensive blueprint for both the individual and society and as the primary source of knowledge. Being a “Muslim”  we believe that Allah (SWT) has made reciting the Quran an act of worship and made those who learn it and teach it the best of all people. Quran memorisation is most effective when carried out at a young age. Therefore Al-Furqan school aims to teach young children Quran memorisation, to preserve our Holy Book, and give each student a solid foundation in the rules of recitation along with the understanding of Islam in light of this Holy BookAl-Furqan School is an evening Islamic School, serving the Muslim community in Glasgow, since 1982. The school offers classes for both (Boys & Girls) from Nursery to Stage 5 (Age 5 - 14 years). We're dedicated to expand the foundations of Al-Furqan to an excellent quality based full time Islamic School, insha'Allah.

Keeping in view the sensitivity and authenticity of Islamic Knowledge, we aim to provide Quran teaching in a professional, nurturing, and caring environment. Al-Furqan School aims to educate Muslim youth about the teachings of Islam in such a way that they can thrive in non-Islamic world and lead lives according to Islamic principles. We're dedicated to working collaboratively to implement instructional program, adhering to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. The main objectives of Al-Furqan includes following;

  • To develop the whole personality of pupils with that a God conscious at the core and Islam as the main focus of their lives.
  • Taking guidance from the Qur’an and the Sunnah.
  • To encourage the pursuit and gaining of general knowledge and skills.
  • To ensure that young people enjoy their study at madrassah and develop a love of learning.
  • To acquire a moral attitude to life by the practice of Islam in all affairs.
  • To inspire all children to achieve their best
  • To make children aware of their abilities and give them the support and strength they need to achieve further
  • To work closely with parents to ensure their children attain the highest standards Ensure that girls and boys have equal access to all areas of the curriculum
  • To appreciate the Quran
  • To provide learning in a joyous Islamic atmosphere Prepare our pupils to live as Muslims, participating proudly and fully with every aspect of modern life.

If you wish to know more about Al-Furqan School, please visit School's Webpage.


11 February 2017


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