"Lord! Increase me in knowledge." Quran (20:114)

"Whoever travels a path seeking knowledge, Allah eases for them a path to Paradise." Hadeeth - Abu Dawud

Al-Furqan Islamic School Glasgow

Islamic education is uniquely different from other types of educational theory and practice largely because of the all-encompassing influence of the Quran. The Quran serves as a comprehensive blueprint for both the individual and society and as the primary source of knowledge. Being a “Muslim”  we believe that Allah (SWT) has made reciting the Quran an act of worship and made those who learn it and teach it the best of all people. Quran memorization is most effective when carried out at a young age. Therefore Al-Furqan school aims to teach young children Quran memorization, to preserve our Holy Book, and give each student a solid foundation in the rules of recitation along with the understanding of Islam in light of this Holy BookAl-Furqan School is an evening Islamic School, serving the Muslim community in Glasgow, since 1982. The school offers classes for both (Boys & Girls) from Nursery to Stage 5 (Age 5 - 14 years). We're dedicated to expand the foundations of Al-Furqan to an excellent quality based full time Islamic School, insha'Allah.

Aims & Objectives of Al-Furqan School

Aims & Objectives of Al-Furqan School

Keeping in view the sensitivity and authenticity of Islamic Knowledge, we aim to provide Quran teaching in a professional, nurturing, and caring environment. Al-Furqan School aims to educate Muslim youth about the teachings of Islam in such a way that they can thrive in non-Islamic world and lead lives according to Islamic principles. We're dedicated to working collaboratively to implement instructional program, adhering to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. The main objectives of Al-Furqan includes following;
  • Developing a balanced personality of a child with the God conscious at the core.
  • Making Quran learning more interactive, interesting and easier for the children.
  • Inspiring children to achieve their best by exploiting potential skills.
Courses Taught At Al-Furqan

Courses Taught At Al-Furqan

Al-Furqn Islamic School follows the standard syllabus for Islamic Schools devised by the Organization of Islamic Schools in Britain (Tanzeem-al-Madaras) and is approved by the Central Education Committee of UKIM.
Currently, following courses are taught at Al-Furqan School.
  • Quran (Reading/Memorization) + Tajweed
  • Islamic Studies (Level 1- Level 6)
  • Arabic Language (Reading/Writing)(Linked to GCSE)
  • Urdu Language (Reading/Writing) - (Linked to GCSE)
  • Hadith Studies (40 authentic Hadith)
Friendly Teaching Environment

Friendly Teaching Environment

We aim to provide a friendly teaching environment to our young Muslims to ensure that they enjoy their study at Madrassah and develop an interest & love of learning. We provide a friendly teaching enviroment.
Focus on Character Building

Focus on Character Building

Respect, Hope, Compassion, Courage, Honesty, Excellence, Perseverance and Responsibility are the key character traits that benefit not just children, but an entire family. We mainly focus on these qualities.
Parent Teacher Interactions

Parent Teacher Interactions

The school's best ally in the task of nurturing a student's innate 'urge to learn' is, first and foremost, the parents. Regular Parent-Teacher meetings are held for increasing parent involvement and support.
Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Our dedicated teachers prepare children to participate in various competitions (Speech, Qirat, Nasheed, Essay Writing) by polishing their potential skills. Masha'Allah, our students achieve top positions in such competitions.

Seek Knowledge! Educate Yourselves!

To seek knowledge is a sacred duty, it is obligatory on every Muslim, male and female. The first word of the Quran revealed to our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was "Iqra" READ! Seek knowledge! Educate yourselves! Be educated. Without knowledge one can't truly receive Allah's gift of Islam. If our knowledge is little, then we will constantly run the risk of losing that magnificent gift, which we have received unless we remain vigilant in our fight against ignorance. A person without knowledge is like someone walking along a track in complete darkness. Most likely his steps will wander aside and he easily can be deceived by shaytaan. This shows that our greatest danger lies in our ignorance of Islamic teachings and in our unawareness of authentic guidance from Quran & Sunnah.

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